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At times we face challenges in life and knowing that we can access the experience, skills and support of a Life Empowerment Coach makes the journey more fun. The program gives you potential for deep insights and growth in your emotional, mental and spiritual body and moves you towards living the life of your dreams.

I support you within a caring space of divine love and non-judgement so you feel supported to fully engage in your process throughout the Program.


This Empowerment Program is designed to make real in-roads into whom and where you are currently, where you want to be and how to get there in the best possible way for you. It’s designed in weekly sessions of 1-hour each, over a 4 or 8-week period.
Depending on the length of the program you select, we dive deeply into the specific areas you want to explore.

The Empowerment Program is divided into 3 specific areas (as detailed below).


In this part of the program we look at areas that affect your self-esteem, your inner critic or the deep negative feelings about yourself and look at your shadow side (which we all have and tend to hide from others). You are uniquely talented and deserve to be here! We’ll work on bringing that to the forefront of your life.
I’ll be by your side! You can do it!
“Know yourself and you will know the Universe” Mary Ellen


We look at where you are in relation to how you really want to live your life. Is it a particular physical place or an emotional space you desire to be living in? Is it about career, relationships, family, your purpose or challenges in life? It may be all of them! We ‘pick your brains’ for where you’ve hidden all those dreams and then redesign your life on-purpose. I challenge you, I encourage you and together we design the map of where you want to be in your life.


Yes, you will need to get up off the sofa away from the TV and take some action! However, as you’ve made it this far – Well Done!

This part of the program we work out how the learning and insight from the inner and outer journey together can take you where you want to go. Your newly acquired awareness of your inner strengths and knowing your spiritual and universal connection will support your forward momentum. This, together with my successful tips and action strategies will empower you to be more confident and motivated to move forward on your journey.



You can book your On-line session and Zoom or Skype is used from the convenience of your home.

Further information and a questionnaire will be sent to you after your booking is confirmed.

Please call to book your time and then pay for your session.

Each 1-hour session is $150.00
(includes GST)

The 4-week Program is $580
(includes GST)

The 8-week Program is $1,160.00
(includes GST)