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“It is with a great deal of pleasure that I highly recommend Mary Ellen to anyone as an esoteric healer. Your special gift is well complimented by your wisdom and compassion. I wish to thank you for treating my 7 year-old son, who also has the courage to face up to his life lessons. The remarkable improvement in his behaviour was evident after the first healing session and over the next few months I have been blessed to watch him grow into a pleasant young boy. I guess it’s not always important to understand how the healing works but just to simply know that the proof is in the pudding. In this instance, it is the improved relationship that I now have with my son, which I am most grateful for. I would like to thank you for your generous help and wish you every happiness in the universe.”

Doug | 42 Years


“I’ve had healings with Mary Ellen and found the results to be very beneficial. I felt calmer, relaxed and very centered with the sessions and for a few days after. I had less anxiety and slept very well. Mary Ellen is very gifted with a loving heart. “

Anne | 31 Years


“During the session that I had with you I could feel how you were connected to my own energy. You were completely aware of where I was in the session, your intuition and insight was truly amazing. You helped me to connect with the parts of my being that required transformation and helped me to release old energy. Your dedication to my healing was a priority and the session continued until my healing was assured. I felt the energy that was alive within my being flowing through my body. The healing crystals you used were still energized and the healing continued for days afterwards. The rewards and changes that took place are still being incorporated into my life. I was aware of past times coming to the surface to be released and assisting my healing. The depth and the layers of healing that took place during this session were felt on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. Thank you so much. “

Susan | 30 Years


“My first impression of Mary Ellen was of a kind and gentle soul who was spiritually aware and emotionally present. During our series of sessions over the next 5 weeks I further discovered your wonderful shamanic, healing and psychic talents. Together we explored various forms of massage, spiritual healing and our discussions were enlightening and most insightful. Mary Ellen is an extremely generous, peace loving and wise spiritual teacher and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone seeking exploration in any of these domains.”

Luke | 41 Years


“I have experienced many healings from Mary Ellen and each time I have felt great benefits. She has a beautiful gift of healing through her spirit and her hands. I would recommend her as a healer to anyone interested in learning more about themselves and improving their life.”

Sally | 49 Years