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Well Known Experts Talk About How PSYCH-K® Made a Difference in Their Lives

Rob Williams introduced PSYCH-K® to the world over 25 years ago. PSYCH-K® has transformed many lives over the years. When you see me for your PSYCH-K® session you will find it is non-invasive, easy, effective and will support you to make positive changes in your life.

Bruce Lipton PhD, author of Biology of Belief, The Honeymoon Effect and Spontaneous Evolution regularly talks about his belief in and positive experiences with PSYCH-K®. Please watch the Introduction to PSYCH-K ® below.

What is a PSYCH-K® Balance?

PSYCH-K ® has a variety of balances and processes that connects the conscious and subconscious mind to enable people to make real changes in their lives. People can work on their specific goals and also on relationships, business and career, health and stress transformation to name a few.

PSYCH-K® Balances are designed to create communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. When people are in the ‘whole-brained’ state this reduces stress and resistance in their mind and assists them to integrate new beliefs into their lives.

With PSYCH-K® balances it’s also possible to work on specific goals in your life (for example, weight loss, stop smoking and public speaking) that would support you with positive life changes and help you enjoy a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

PSYCH-K® Subconscious Mind Super Learning

PSYCH-K® Mind super learning is about using PSYCH-K® to connect your subconscious and conscious mind in ways that would support your brain with learning new subjects more easily. Some people use PSYCH-K® to work on negative beliefs they have around their ability to learn and retain skills and knowledge at work or university. PSYCH-K® can be used for any specific goals you may have in your life.

The right and left-brain has specific areas that deal with different skills, abilities and emotions. When a client comes to me for PSYCH-K®, their goals and needs will be discussed and designed specifically around what they want to change in their lives. PSYCH-K® Balances enable open and effective communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. It connects the subconscious and conscious minds in ways that enable people to make effective, fast changes to negative beliefs they may have held for years.

PSYCH-K® balances can assist a person with improved self-esteem and life experiences that lead them to powerful, positive changes in their lives, career and relationships.

What Does the Term PSYCH-K® Stand For?

PSYCH-K® comes from the word psyche which means soul, mind or spirit. PSYCH-K ® enables you to free your mind from limiting and negative beliefs so you can live your life feeling fulfilled. In this video Rob Williams talks about the possibilities with PSYCH-K® and how it came into being.

Bruce Lipton’s Introduction to PSYCH-K®

Bruce Lipton PhD, the well-known author of Biology of Belief talks about his experience with PSYCH-K® in this Introduction to PSYCH-K® video. He is amazed at the positive difference PSYCH-K® makes in peoples lives.

Rob Williams who introduced PSYCH-K® initially, met Bruce Lipton over 10 years ago and now, they both speak together at an annual event held in the United States. This video talks about their experience when they first met at a speaking engagement and how Bruce saw the positive difference that a PSYCH-K® Balance made in the life of one of the attendees. Watch now to see how powerful PSYCH-K® can be.