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Reiki is one of the forms of energy healing that people have usually heard of. The practitioner uses their hands through which the ‘universal energy’ flows from the Divine to the client. Reiki treatment may assist with emotional and physical healing in the client. There are certain symbols that are used in this transference of healing universal energy. They are thought to have come from certain branches of Buddhism and for the practitioner they act as a connection for different vibrational energy states.

Reiki is a spiritual practice that aims to bring balance; healing and harmony with an enhanced sense of well-being through light touch on specific areas of the upper body. Reiki may enable the client to feel a deep state of relaxation and calmness as the Divine healing energy flows around their body.

Practitioners who use Reiki may also practice other energy healing modalities. I am aware of and respect the universal energy connecting all people and creatures. I aim to live in harmony and have a compassionate and caring nature with a sense of gratitude for life.

Reiki is very well known as Universal Life Force Energy and it has different names in the various cultures and countries – Qi, Chi, Prana, and Ki. You’ve probably heard of Tai Chi or Qi Gong as relaxing movements with gentle breathing and they also have aspects of energy flow in them.


Reiki promotes healing within and may assist with reducing anxiety and worry. Reiki can restore a sense of calmness in the mind and enhances your general well-being. The Reiki session is a varied experience for everyone. Some clients are immersed in a deep sense of relaxation, some people experience intuitive insights, some sense the warmth and energy flow and some people become so relaxed it’s like they’re waking up after a full nights sleep.

The Reiki session commences with an explanation about my channelling divine healing energy through my hands for you. I gain your permission to lightly rest my hands on specific areas around the upper body. If you have any questions about the Reiki session this will be the time I’ll answer them for you. I also explain about the various positions that my hands rest on your body- on the head, shoulders, chest and upper back generally. This is followed by a prayer or blessing at the start of the Reiki session. You can decide whether to lie on a massage table or sit in a chair. Most people relax and close their eyes and just breathe gently throughout the session.

During the Reiki treatment the universal energy begins to flow from the Divine through my hands lightly resting on your body. You may feel slight heat, tingling or energy flow from my hands lightly placed on your upper body. It is common that clients experience a sense of calm and peace and feel deeply relaxed after the Reiki session.

Reiki can assist in balancing your body, mind and spirit and you’ll feel more peace and harmony within. Many clients report that it was the deepest experience they have had with a Reiki session. It may also take you a while to come back from your deeply experienced state of healing and relaxation. Call to book your Reiki session today.


1-hour session $100.00
(includes GST)