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I am a channel and I’m guided by the Divine to deliver messages of Divine Love and insight. I can utilise a piece of jewellery you wear regularly or just connect energetically with you when using my cards. As every client for the psychic reading is unique, I’m guided to the specific pack of cards needed for your reading.

Phone and Skype or Zoom sessions are welcome for the psychic reading. You can phone or email me to book a reading and we’ll organise a time that suits. I work with my Spirit Guides and Angels and may deliver insight for you concerning career and business, relationship issues, stress or worry concerning decisions in your life. During the psychic reading I gain insight from the cards and pictures and words my Guides give me. I may assist you with clarity around decisions, the most fortuitous direction to take and support you in the process to trust your inner knowing. I help and support you with questions and answers that help you gain clarity about the best direction for you.

Being a channel and clairvoyant I may see past events and experiences possibly from past life that have been affecting you in your present day life. When you are given these specific insights it may help you understand for example a birthmark or an ache that annoys you. Sometimes they have a basis in your past and there’s no way of you understanding this before the psychic reading.

Energy Healing and Psychic Reading

I can sense your energy levels and I’m an energy healer who supports you with clearing negative energy that’s blocked in your body. At the same time giving insight into how and why this situation or block has occurred. We often experience habitual patterns or responses in life and even though we’ve no intention of repeating them, the pattern continues to ‘happen’ regardless. The insight gained may help you to move forward in life.

These patterns can be from previous experiences in our lives or possibly from your family ancestors that have come down the family line. Sometimes it can be vows or actions made in anger by grandparents and great grandparents (without their realising how powerful and negative the effects maybe, long after they have passed on).

Psychic readings may assist with insights that help you with making decisions and coping with life challenges.


Usually, at the start of a psychic reading, we sit at a table and chat a little to relax and get ready for the session. I say a prayer and bless our time together and set the intention that the session is for the highest good of all. The cards I use or your jewellery I hold gives me insights into you or your life situation. If the session if via phone or Skype or Zoom from the comfort of your home, the psychic reading usually is the cards and caring insights from the cards and guidance from my Spirit Guides.

At psychic readings some clients request insight into their relationships and when information is given, often times the person has an intuitive knowing what is the best course of action for them. At times they just need a caring guide who will listen and assist them with questions and insights so they gain the clarity that they need.

Some clients at psychic readings request insight into business directions especially if they are experiencing problems with jobs or staff working on specific projects. Knowing who to trust in your business is imperative to an efficient and successful business.

Clients come to know themselves more and learn to trust their inner voice that has been prodding them, often for a while. With the psychic reading I’m your guide who can support and encourage you on your journey in life.


The 1-hour reading $90.00
(includes GST)