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PSYCH-K ® has a variety of balances and processes that are designed to create open, balanced communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. When you’re in this ‘whole-brain’ state this reduces stress and resistance in your mind and body and creates a shift towards positive, life changing beliefs that support you.

It’s a unique, powerful way to change limiting and sabotaging beliefs around your stress levels, physical and spiritual health, prosperity, relationships, career and self-esteem and much more! It’s characterized as a spiritual process with psychological benefits. From the dictionary “psyche means human, soul, mind or spirit”. So PSYCH-K ® frees your mind from limiting beliefs so you come to know yourself as a divine being living your human life feeling happier and more peaceful.

PSYCH-K ® allows you to make real changes in your life by connecting to your highest wisdom and subconscious mind for insight and answers. You can easily change negative and self-sabotage beliefs that have held you back in your life, relationships or career. You can transform stress, anxiety and fears so you feel peaceful, empowered and free to move forward powerfully living a happy life.

When we experience anxiety constantly in our lives it can affect our confidence with new experiences and job opportunities. This can limit us socially and create a pervasive feeling of uneasiness in our gut and mind. Your first thoughts to new opportunities may be “I’m no good at that” or “I’m too scared to try that”. This anxiety can hold you back in your career prospects, your relationships and your experience of life. You may feel uneasy, threatened, nervous or scared about life.

Now with PSYCH-K ® you can finally make in-roads into those negative, anxiety-producing beliefs in your conscious. With PSYCH-K ® you’ll connect to your subconscious mind and conscious minds together and release those negative beliefs under that anxiety. You’ll be able to take confident steps forward living in the flow and opportunities of life.


Increase sports performance


Increase your sense of well being


Release fears and phobias to feel at peace


Develop relationships you desire and deserve


Accelerate your mental development and career prospects


Eliminate unhealthy habits (e.g. smoking or achieve weight loss)


Enhance career opportunities


Transform your body image and shape


Work on your specific goals or life issues


Increase your confidence and improve self-esteem


Reduce stress, anxiety and trauma over past events


Transform limiting beliefs holding you back in your career


There are a variety of powerful processes that connect with your super conscious (Spirit) and your subconscious mind to transform negative beliefs into positive, life-affirming beliefs that allow you now to make changes in your life.

You work with a PSYCH-K ® Facilitator who listens to you, your desires, your dreams and together you work through a process where your body gives you the answers that are pertinent for you alone. Your body gives answers to specific questions through muscle testing. With PSYCH-K ® the connection to your higher self, the conscious and subconscious minds – the answers, insights, changes throughout the session will amaze you. You will relate on a deep level knowing the truth that reveals itself is specific and real for you.

You can also release stress and traumatic events from your past and have a changed, positive perception or feel ‘whole-brained’ (more relaxed with no stress) towards these events. The changes you desire can be made into specific goals and you’ll be amazed at how PSYCH-K unfolds for your highest good!



You can book your on-line sessions and you’ll be using Zoom or Skype from the convenience of your home.


Session 1 ¼ hours – $140.00 (includes GST)

Please call to book your time and then pay for session here.

Further information and a questionnaire will be sent to you after your booking is confirmed.