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Your pet offers you companionship and unconditional love and they’re always pleased to see you. They don’t nag you and are over the moon when you feed them and pay them attention.

Dogs love going for walks with you and this encourages you to get outside and enjoy the weather, gardens, parks and beaches while also connecting with other people at the same time. It’s amazing how many people stop you to chat to pat your dog. There are numerous benefits to owing a pet and they motivate you to think about and care for them; they ‘brighten up your day’ by just being there with you and it’s been reported that they can decrease stress in your life by keeping you company so you don’t feel so alone in life.

Spending time with your pet boosts your health and general well-being and enjoying their cuddles and enthusiasm gives you a warm glow and great big smile. Children are comfortable with chatting to their pets and I’m sure many adults do so as well.

However, if your pet is ‘out of sorts’ or exhibiting behaviour that is concerning you, it may reassure you to know there could be a solution that’s easy to access from your own home.


I know and understand that people care deeply for their precious pet, whatever breed or size. I’m also aware that at times your pet is your only companion in life and this makes them very precious indeed.

I’m sure that you’ve already covered all necessary avenues with your vet in the overall care of your precious pet. During your pet clearing therapy I use a ‘Surrogation Process’ where I act as a surrogate for your pet by creating a spiritual ‘link-up’ between us both. In this way we can communicate with your pet and its spirit and elicit answers about the concerning behaviour.

At the beginning of the pet clearing therapy, the owner and myself discuss the signs of the pet being unwell or ‘out of sorts’. Is your pet off their food, moping around when they’re usually energetic or exhibiting signs of pain? We design questions and goals around how you want your pet to be and behave.

We then set up the surrogation and ask the questions we previously planned. I can elicit the answers using this ‘Surrogation Process’. This process establishes a higher connection with your pet and its spirit who knows what is the cause of the troubling behaviour or condition. The attitudes of you (the pet’s owner) and myself (the facilitator) are vital to the success of this therapy. We both agree to have the highest intention for success and that the session is for your pets highest good.

The pet clearing therapy is done using a computer via Skype or Zoom and may make a significant, positive change that you’re wanting for your precious pet. If you don’t have a computer we can also do the pet clearing therapy via phone and set up the discussion and surrogation process the same. The results would be expected to be the same on the phone as using the computer. The aim of pet clearing therapy is that your pet regains their enthusiasm for life and you both enjoy each other again.


The session uses Zoom or Skype from the convenience of your home.

Please call to book your time and then pay for session here.


Session 1 ¼ hours – $140.00 (includes GST)