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My life coaching sessions support you to be more confident and aware and to develop self-belief so you can overcome obstacles when they arise in your life.

These coaching sessions help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and give you insight into your goals and the way of life that’s important for you. Life coaching sessions help you to identify obstacles in your life and to develop strategies to overcome and grow through them.

You may be experiencing challenges with your home and work life, or you’re unhappy with a relationship break-up or perhaps you have a weight issue that’s affecting your self-esteem. Maybe you’re sabotaging your career prospects? Are you keen to release fears that are holding you back from the experiences you wish to enjoy? These life-coaching sessions give you insight and enable you to recognise what matters most for you. I guide you with empathy and with the use of effective strategies that empower you to embrace your life with gratitude and live a happy life.


Having a coach in your life helps you to clarify any confusion, to become more focused on what you’re really wanting and to discern the best way forward for you. These life coaching sessions are supportive and empowering and help you build trust within to know you’ll cope with any challenges life throws at you.

Some clients report experiencing a feeling of ‘aloneness’, having no one to ‘run things by’ and questioning what is their life about? The life coaching sessions acknowledge we are spiritual beings living a physical reality. With these life-coaching sessions I take a holistic approach as we experience emotions, have a mind and spirit and exist in a physical body. When you connect deeply into the beauty and depth of your being, this knowing encourages you trust yourself more deeply and to move forward with confidence.

The life coaching sessions utilise my listening skills and encourage you to discern your best path, whether it’s career, relationships or life purpose and goals. You are supported in a non-judgemental and caring way to live the life you desire and to trust the inner guidance you receive.

You can grow in confidence through the life coaching sessions and feel comfortable with changes happening in your life.
You can feel more in charge of your life knowing that the life coaching sessions are giving you insights and knowledge to live your life feeling more empowered.

These life-coaching sessions are professional and confidential. They are designed for you personally and assist you with clarity into your life and goals. The sessions can be remote with Skype or Zoom from the convenience of your own home or may be arranged for in-person sessions if you’re local to Coffs Harbour. The sessions can be arranged weekly for the period of time you need. Just give me a call for a chat about your needs for life coaching sessions and what you’re hoping to achieve in your life.

I’d love to hear from you.


The 1-hour Life Coaching Session $150.00
(includes GST)