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Our bodies comprise physical and energy body systems and they need to be in balance for us to live a healthy and peaceful life.

Your mental, physical and emotional bodies together with your energy centres (Chakras) are meant to be connected and flowing in harmony. This connection can be disrupted due to past life issues, repressed emotions, trauma, stress, the challenges of everyday life and injury.

When your emotions are out of balance or you’re experiencing negative emotions and self-judgments throughout the day you feel intuitively that something is wrong. This intuition (in-to-you) feeling will alert you that changes need to be made so you can again experience harmony in your life. This is where intuitive kinesiology will assist you with insight and changes in your life.

This imbalance and disharmony with your emotions can affect you adversely and result in disease, pain and stress in your body whether it’s emotional or physical. Your life may feel out of kilter and you’re unsure of what the exact cause is. Utilise your body’s innate wisdom now by contacting Seek Peace for intuitive kinesiology now.

Using intuitive kinesiology and muscle testing your body shows me where you’ve got issues that are holding you back. It also can guide us to a physical problem that has an emotional or spiritual imbalance underneath. It may show you family relationships and patterns that are holding you stuck in your life. When you know the deep-seated cause and can acknowledge and release it through healing or other modalities, this empowers you to move on feeling more whole and balanced in your life.

Intuitive kinesiology using muscle testing is a tool to enable you to gain understanding into your own body, emotions and behaviour patterns.


Your intuitive kinesiology session is booked when you call or email me for a session. When you arrive we have a heartfelt chat about the various areas that are troubling you, or areas you’d like to change. You may lie comfortably on your back on the massage table for your intuitive kinesiology session.

I utilise muscle testing and intuitive kinesiology, which will allow your body to access the answers it requires to give you insight into your life. Using intuitive kinesiology we can detect areas in your physical body, your mental or emotional bodies or different aspects of your life that you are crying out for attention.

This process communicates clearly with answers from areas such as emotions, health, sexuality, your home, spirituality, money, parenting, children, your family and relationships in your life. It’s unlimited really where the answers can come from.

For example, you may have been having difficulty with losing weight. Now the excess weight is affecting your knees and your health with increasingly high blood pressure. Even though you’ve tried different diets and want to lose weight, something is blocking you from achieving your goal. The cause may be many and varied and in one instance I know, it included family violence and abuse, mental and physical. All abuse affects your spiritual and emotional bodies. The woman’s deep-seated belief was that she was unlovable, she felt unsafe and needed to protect herself. At a deep unconscious level, she put weight on to make herself unattractive and keep people away. When the deep cause was uncovered and the belief was released, together with transforming subconscious belief patterns through PSYCH-K® she was able to make healthy choices around lifestyle and food and go on to feel happier and healthier.

The insights and new awareness you discover through intuitive kinesiology helps you to understand your life more deeply. It’s truly astounding what you uncover. This can then lead you to insight into areas that need change or healing so you can live an empowered life and feel happy and peaceful.


The 1-hour session is $90.00
(includes GST)