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I work with Divine Light to facilitate healing and understanding for you and your life. My Spirit Guides give insight and this, with the healing energy assists to clear your physical and etheric bodies. Sometimes I’m guided with insights into past lives that give you more awareness and understanding of physical, emotional blocks or issues that are holding you back in your life.

I’m a channel of Divine Light Energy and help you expand your consciousness and release negative emotions like fear, shame, despair and guilt. I support you through the release of emotions and share the guidance I receive from my Spirit Guides, which helps you to feel lighter, more free and clearer than you were before the start of your session.


When you arrive for your session we chat about what you’re wanting, how the session will generally flow and about boundaries and answer your questions. After a prayer or blessing where our intention is for the highest good of all, the session commences with you lying on a massage table. Throughout the session it’s your choice to embrace the healing and clearing of negative energy with its effects in your life. You can express through words and actions, your emotions, thoughts, tears and anger if you desire.

Some clients share for the first time, about areas in their life that have held them a prisoner or frozen-in-time, as they’ve not been able to break free and move on. These debilitating emotions or fears may have been a result of relationship break-ups, abusive relationships or traumatic events in their lives. The Divine healing energy that I channel is a way for you to allow release, forgiveness and connect more deeply to that part of you that was lost. You can move on again with your life in harmony and freedom.


Each 1 ½ hour session is $150.00
(includes GST)