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Energy Healing works on a deep cellular level to clear emotional blocks and to support you with Divine healing energy. Distance-healing works with the energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates the body. These subtle bodies around the human body include the etheric, emotional, astral, mental and causal bodies.

If you just need emotional or Divine distance healing support for your life or health situation the distance-healing may rebalance your body and help release emotions that are holding you back. These distance healing sessions support you when you’re feeling stressed, unwell or out of balance with life.

The distance healing sessions vary depending on what your specific needs are. Distance-healing is powerful as we connect with Divine healing energy to help clear emotions or blocks in your body and energy field that may have connections to past life events that you’re not even aware of. If you have problems or issues with particular areas of your body or current life relationships distance-healing may help you feel release, forgiveness and move you forward into a more positive and healthy state of mind and body. You may feel more aware and connected to your spiritual being, while releasing hidden or negative emotions leaving you feeling lighter, calm and peaceful.


When we organise the distance-healing session the energy frequency held by me is sent to you, with clear, focussed connection and intent for your highest good.

Distance Energy Healing is supportive for clients who are unwell or too tired to come in person for a healing session. Distance-healing sessions can be organised ahead of surgery to support your body and energy field while you’re under anaesthesia and in the recovery phase after the operation. Your body, spirit, emotions and energy field are susceptible in these situations. You know yourself when your energy levels are feeling low compared to when you’re feeling well, healthy, happy and on top of things.

Distance healing can be done either with you sitting in front of your computer throughout the session or organised for a time when you’re resting at home or in hospital. If you’re feeling like you’ve no energy, too ill or and just needing support because you’re alone or going through a difficult time, please contact me so we can discuss what sort of distance-healing session would support you.

We book the session ahead and together discuss your specific needs. During the distance-healing energy session you can be at home or another location sitting comfortably on a chair. You may choose to use your computer or laptop using Skype or Zoom previously set up so we can see each other during the session.

I set up an energy connection with you so you can feel Divine healing energy on different areas of your body, usually around the head, heart and belly areas. You can just sit relaxed in your chair, with your eyes open or closed and breathe quietly while you receive this Divine distance-healing energy.

Some people prefer to lie down on their sofa or bed so they’re more comfortable. We discuss your needs when you call or email to book your session.

Distance healing can support you in different situations and locations and leave you feeling more calm and peaceful. Contact me today.



You can book your On-line session and Zoom or Skype is used from the convenience of your home.

Please call to book your time and then pay for your session.


Each 1-hour session is $100.00 (includes GST)