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Ian White, who has developed these amazing Bush Flower Essences, holds a Bachelor of Science and Diplomas of Naturopathy and Botanical Medicine. He has spent more than 30 years researching and developing this range of Australian Bush Flower Essences. The range comprises over 69 remedies, combination remedies, spray mists, and essence creams.

In that time to source the flowers, he’s travelled all over Australia from Sydney sandstone region to Victoria, Western Australia, South Australian deserts and to Kakadu and the Kimberley in the Northern Territory.

These Bush Flower Essences are made with the intention of harnessing the healing power of flowers from the Australian bush. There are 69 individual Bush Flower Essences. There are also 16 Combination Essences which address a specific theme and the individual essences contained within the bottle all work on different aspects supporting the major theme.

For example, there is Femin Essence, which supports a woman throughout her hormone and life cycles and allows her to discover and feel accepting of her body and unique beauty. There is Emergency Essence that is for physical or emotionally upsetting experiences.

Use and enjoy these Bush Flower Remedies to compliment your healing or massage session. They will assist in integrating your healing over the coming weeks.

It is known that there’s a connection between emotions and imbalances in the body possibly resulting in feeling unwell, out of balance or resulting in illness. These Bush Flower Essences or Remedies support the body emotionally and spiritually while you’re undertaking treatment or support from qualified practitioners.

These Australian Bush Flower Essences are used by doctors, pharmacists, naturopaths, and ordinary people to assist in healing the emotions. It’s a proven principle that when the emotional balance is restored then healing will follow.

How Bush Flower Essences Work

When you order a Bush Flower Remedy from me either on-line or after your healing or massage session, we discuss and assess your situation both physically and emotionally. When I make your Australian Bush Flower Remedy the individual essences are combined in a synergistic way to support you in your specific needs and healing.

These remedies work deeply on an emotional level to bring clarity to your life and together strengthen your commitment to pursue your goals in life. It is usual for people to find that the remedy gives them a greater awareness and enables them to feel more connected and relaxed about issues in their life. The effects have sometimes been reported as having a similar effect to meditation, in that they were able to access wisdom from their spirit or higher self. It also supports you to release negative beliefs in your subconscious mind and encourages more positive beliefs in their place. When balance is restored your healing continues. These bush flower essences are a gift from nature.

Usually, flower essences are taken morning and night by putting 7 drops under the tongue or adding 7 drops to a small amount of water. This is a helpful way for babies and young children to take the remedy too. The essence is usually taken over a two-week period. The remedies can also be applied topically or to bathwater.

I invite you to enjoy your journey to healing and balance by allowing nature in all its beauty and wisdom to support you.


Australian Bush Flowers Remedy – $20.00